PALISI Network Election 2020 Results

Dear PALISI Investigators, 

On behalf of the PALISI Leadership Team, it is my pleasure to announce the results of our 2020 election.  Congratulations to Neal Thomas and Akira Nishasaki for being elected as Chair and Vice-chair, respectively.  The at-large members of the Executive Committee will be Scott Watson (Treasurer), Martha Curley, Roby Khemani, Heidi Flori, Sapna Kudchadkar, and Mela Bembea (Scientific Committee Chair).  The at-large members of the Scientific Committee will be Mary Dahmer, Vince Faustino, and Michael Agus.  Terms will begin with our virtual meeting next month.  Special thank you to those who are completing their terms on the EC and SC for devoting their time and expertise to PALISI over the past several years.  I look forward to your participation in next month's virtual meeting. 

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