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Subgroup Member Information


34th Semi-Annual

PALISI Fall Meeting

September 4-7, 2019
Vancouver, BC


35th Semi-Annual

PALISI Fall Meeting

March 4-7, 2020
New Orleans, LA

Registration & Payment 

Members wishing to participate in the HSCT and BloodNet Subgroups are required to register and pay the designated meeting fee. Participation in all other PALISI subgroup meetings does not require separate registration. 

Meeting fees are used to cover the logistical aspects of each meeting such as food, beverage, and audiovisual cost.

PALISI does not profit from these fees

Subgroup Chair & Presenter Information

Agenda RequestS

Agenda requests for main meeting presentations are due by Feb 1st, 2020.

For subgroup meeting requests and inquiries, please email palisinet@gmail.com 


CME Disclosures

All PALISI presenters and subgroup chairs must complete a CME Disclosure form annually. Forms may be submitted to Anyssa Queen at PALISInet@gmail.com.

Audiovisual Information

Main Meeting


Those presenting during the main PALISI meeting will be using a Laptop PC with USB ports. Presenters may upload their presentation using a USB drive to the desktop of the Laptop 30 minutes prior to the session that they will be presenting in. A presentation clicker will be made available to the presenter. Please include any concerns or special accommodations on your main meeting presentation request form. 


Subgroup Meetings


Projectors, projector screens, and conference call phones will be provided to each subgroup. These items will be placed in your assigned room. Presenters must be able to connect to the projector using an HDMI or VGA connection. If you or your group chooses to use a laptop without HDMI or VGA connection portals, you must provide your own converter.


If your group is using a conference phone, WebEx information will be provided. Conference phones may be connected to a computer using a USB connection or a cell phone using a Bluetooth connection. Subgroup leaders should allow for 30 mins of preparation for meetings involving a conference phone.