PALISI Membership

PALISI membership is open to all research professionals across the world. For institutions with multiple research professionals, there are Site Memberships to accommodate the whole team. Individual Memberships are also available to faculty members who wish to participate. Non-Faculty research professionals are eligible to join PALISI at a Discounted Rate. For individuals who wish to participate in PALISI, but are unable to afford membership fees, PALISI offers a Membership Grant at the discretion of the Executive Committee. PALISI Membership dues are used to cover the direct expenses of our semi-annual meetings, including conference room rental, food/beverage (non-alcoholic), audiovisual equipment, printed material, and speaker travel expenses, and to offset expenses related to our limited administrative infrastructure, including our administrative director's time and website fees​. If you have questions about becoming a member of PALISI Network please contact us here.



Site-Based Memberships

Site Memberships are available for institutions with multiple members.  Memberships may be purchased for 5, 10, or 15 meeting attendances (by any number of team members) that may be used toward either of the 2019 PALISI meetings.  In addition to being designated as an official PALISI site, faculty registered under a Site Membership will enjoy all benefits of Full Membership as listed above.  Additional attendees may participate at an additional, discounted meeting fee (see below). 

Site Membership (5 attendances):  $2400

Site Membership (10 attendances):  $4600

Site Membership (15 attendances):  $6550


Additional Attendances (requires Site Membership)--See Below: $450

Individual Memberships

Two types of individual memberships are available to PALISI Faculty Members.  Full Membership includes attendance at both of the PALISI semi-annual meetings, PALISI Site Designation for your institution, and unlimited protocol proposals at PALISI meetings.  Partial Membership includes attendance at one PALISI Meeting of the member's choice.  


Full membership (2 Attendances/1 Member): $990

Single Meeting Membership (1 Attendance): $595


Discounted Membership

Trainees, nurse scientists, RTs, statisticians, and research coordinators are eligible to enjoy the benefits of PALISI membership at a discounted rate.  

Discounted Membership (1 Attendance):  $350

Discounted Membership (2 Attendances):  $700

PALISI Membership Grant

Scientists from institutions (generally LMIC) that are unable to afford PALISI membership dues may apply for a grant to cover the cost of membership. Interested parties may apply below.

PALISI Membership Grant Application

Thank you! We will respond within 10 Business Days