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PALISI Network Member Portal

PALISI has a new member portal! 

More information regarding this transition can be found below. 

Dear PALISI Colleague,

We are thrilled to announce our new online member management system! With this system, you can now:

  1. Update your membership information automatically

  2. Access the PALISI Membership Directory - New Feature!

  3. Purchase attendance credits and review your credit balance anytime

  4. Register for events and update your registration at your convenience

How the System Works

Each site will have a “Site Admin Lead” who will be responsible for purchasing attendance credits for everyone at their site and monitoring credit usage. All other members of the site will then be able to use these credits to register for the PALISI main meeting.

Instructions are below, but if you have any problems, please be sure and attend our Zoom sessions to learn more about how to navigate the system, especially if you are the Site Admin Lead.

Membership Portal Info Session

Tues July 23, 4-5p EDT

Thurs July 25 8-9a EDT

Wed Aug 7, 1-2p EDT


Zoom Access Information

Meeting ID: 860 9039 7573

Passcode: palisi

Zoom by Phone:

Meeting ID: 860 9039 7573

Passcode: 041703


What is a Credit?

Attendance credits (formerly known as attendances) are the units used for memberships. Sites can purchase larger credit packages at a discounted price for multiple members, or individuals can purchase 1-2 credits for themselves. Each person at a site can "spend" the credits, so establishing your own site-specific policy for credit usage is essential.

  • 1 Credit registers 1 General Member for 1 In-Person Meeting

  • ½ Credit registers 1 Research professional or trainee for 1 In-Person Meeting

  • ½ Credit registers any Member for a Virtual Meeting (preregistration is required)

 Note: we are now charging for virtual meeting attendance due to the approximately $20-40k price tag to enable the virtual content at meetings

Membership Definitions

General members: Faculty members, physician or nurse investigators, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, statisticians

Research professionals: Research coordinators, research nurses, research assistants, and trainees

How to Get Started

In order to get started, first determine if you will be a Site Admin Lead or Site Member.

Your Site Admin Lead can be an actual PALISI member, an administrative professional, or any other person in communication with your site members. It is important that this person be able to navigate the vendor and payment management system at your site, as they will be responsible for purchasing credits for all of the site members. This person is most commonly an administrative professional but can be a faculty member if you wish.

Site Members are typically the actual faculty members, trainees, and research professionals who attend and participate in PALISI.

Site Admin Lead:

  1. Set up a profile at

  2. Join our Site Admin Leads list for system tutorials, payment resources, and important announcements here 

  3. Purchase Attendance Credits

  4. Access your site’s registration and payment activity via our membership dashboard

Site Member:

  1. Set up your profile at

    • If you attended a recent PALISI meeting, when you input your email address, the system may recognize you and send you an email to reset your password – follow the prompts to complete your profile.

    • If your email address is not recognized, click on the link to register as a new member, and follow the prompts to create a new profile.

  2. While still logged into your account, navigate to “Events and Webinars” and register for a PALISI Meeting using the attendance credits purchased by your Site Admin Lead. Credits can be used only for PALISI main meetings; other events (e.g., courses) may require direct payment or invoicing for specific fees.

  3. Engage with other PALISI Members by exploring our membership directory and connecting with professionals with similar profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my credits expire?

Credits are valid only for the membership year in which they are purchased (July 1 through June 30) and do not roll over to the subsequent year.

How will I get access to credits?

Only the designated "PALISI Site Administrative Lead" at your institution can purchase credits. This person will be identified on your membership profile homepage, and all other site members can use the purchased credits.


How do I register for other PALISI events?

For auxiliary events such as clinical research courses, consensus conferences, or all-day subgroup meetings, credits will not be used. Instead, members will pay a direct cash value for each event, either by credit card or invoicing. Of note, paying for these smaller events (clinical research course, specific subgroup meeting) does not include attendance at the main meeting.

We appreciate you submitting your information into the PALISI database and affirming your membership in the PALISI community. Your information will remain part of the database as long as your institution continues to purchase credits. Your information will never be shared outside of PALISI. Please send any questions or concerns to us at

Thank you for your dedication to caring for critically ill children and advancing research in our field.

PALISI Leadership Team

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