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Pedi-Ecmo: Pediatric Ecmo

​Group Designation: Subgroup

Group Description

Mission Statement
The Pediatric Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Research Network (PediECMO) is an international collaborative of health professionals dedicated to facilitating and performing basic science research, clinical research, and quality improvement research aimed at optimizing outcomes for critically ill children on ECMO. 

Strategic Goal
To create a forum and virtual/physical meeting touchpoints that:
                 a) develop feasible research studies that integrate PALISI ECMO and the pediatric Extracorporeal Life Support Organization                             (ELSO) research interest groups
                 b) foster a community forum and relationships for education and mentorship
                 c) develop philanthropy to fund and study important ECMO research questions for children with cardiac and/or respiratory                               failure.


Current Research

PEDECOR – Laura Loftis
•    Multicenter database

BEAM – Mela Bembea
•    Prospective evaluation of neurobiomarkers and MRI findings for children on ECMO

TITRE – Drs. Lynn Sleeper, Ravi Thiagarajan, and Peta Alexander
•    Prospective, Randomized Trial of pRBC transfusion practices on VA ECMO

Website: Coming Soon

Social Media: @ecmopedi

Connect with PEDIECMO

Contact Person: Ryan Barbaro

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