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Spring Meeting 23: Getting Around the Vilage

Dear PALISI Members, The Village of Palisades layout is similar to that of a traditional village, meaning that the property consists of multiple stand-alone buildings. Please review the directions below to assist you in navigating to the various rooms that PALISI will be using. All of the breakout rooms are within 5 minutes walking distance. The Olympic Valley Event Center is within 10 minutes walking distance. If you prefer not to walk, the Village provides a free, on-demand shuttle service. This service is offered 7:00 am-10:30 am. Request a ride or get more information by downloading the app at All of the locations have been circled in red below.

  • Olympic Valley Event Center(#1): Walk behind the Plumpjack Inn, across the bridge, and then make an immediate left. Follow the sidewalk across the parking lot to the Olympic Valley Lodge. Upon entering the building, the Olympic Valley Event Center will be directly ahead. (Pictured Below) The will be where all general sessions are held.

  • Palisades ABC(#2): Located in Building 5, near the hotel check-in desk (level P).

  • Basecamp(#3): Exit Building 5 on level 1. Basecamp will be the "storefront" space on the exterior of the building. Directly across from Alpenglow.

  • Alpenglow(#4): Located in the "storefront" space on the exterior of building 4, facing building 5.

  • Bar One(#5): Located on the upper level of the Olympic House

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